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Parent Testimonials

My daughter has been going to Danceworld for the past seven years. She has attended classes in Kiltimagh, Claremorris and now in Castlebar. 

Evie has additional needs and when she started classes I was apprehensive about how they would go. I needn’t have worried - Danceworld has a very inclusive ethos and all the teachers were fantastic with her. Right from the beginning she loved going to class every week,and practicing her routines.

Thanks to Danceworld she really blossomed. It honestly changed her life to have something she enjoyed so much and could be a part of. She doesn’t like to talk very much and can be quite anxious but when dancing on stage she is a different girl, full of confidence and vitality. It has also helped her physically by improving her coordination, balance and general fitness. 

She has a collection of DVDs from all the showcases she has taken part in and often puts them on to dance to. 

I can’t praise Aine and Jade enough for all they have done for Evie. They have been kind, patient and supportive, always encouraging her to do her best. The other girls have also been very good with her. Danceworld has really changed her life so much for the better. I would really recommend it.

Caitlin, Castlebar, Parent of Evie (18)


My daughter Abbigael attends Danceworld Claremorris.

We first joined Danceworld in September 2020. What confirmed my choice was the warm welcome from Jade over the phone as I enquired about dance classes. I chose Danceworld as I feel it is a safe and creative space for my daughter to develop and grow her love of movement and dance. Danceworld ie. JADE AND AINE have proved to be a great source of empowerment for my daughter as they encourage her to say her affirmations at each class.

During this eventful year, the Danceworld Zoom classes have been a great support to both myself and Abbigael. Danceworld have maintained the connection with the children which in my opinion is so essential.

Thank you so much Danceworld for being a source of wonder, creativity, laughter, groovy moves, style, grace, empowerment and most of all love of dance and of individuality.

Aisling, Claremorris, Parent of Abbigael (5)

I want to thank everyone in the Danceworld team for all the fun and enjoyment they have brought to my two girls on a weekly basis through the Zoom classes. It is a hard and difficult time we are all going through at the moment, so it is lovely for the children to get time to see and chat to the other children in the Danceworld group.


The girls look forward to 4 o' clock on a Friday and really enjoy all the dances, games and activities you do. On a personal note, I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you are putting into organising your Zoom classes.


Each week you are varying your classes and are lifting all of our spirits and giving us a spring in our step as we start our weekends.


And so, to the Danceworld team sincere thanks for everything!

Karen, Claremorris, Parent of Eilis (8) & Emma (6)


It's been a year since the first lockdown but the wonderful Danceworld team have not stopped. Their uplifting hope, support, warm wishes and plenty of fun have helped tremendously in these crazy days. The end of week Zooms became the highlight of my daughter's week. Thank you Danceworld team, you truly are amazing, brilliant rays of light. Heartfelt thanks for all you have done - we can't wait for classes to restart.❤️

Justine, Ballina, Parent of Eloise (7)

Danceworld has been an amazing experience for me and my daughter, she tries to teach me some of the moves, not that I'm good with two left feet 🤣


But even in these times Jade and Áine have been amazing coming up with new ideas for the Zoom calls and keeping everyone entertained. Thank you so much.

Ava was fairly new to Danceworld when lockdown happened, she was gutted as she was really enjoying it. 

But thankfully due to the dedication of the Danceworld team, they have kept in contact with everyone through their interactive Zoom classes.

Ava, like everyone else, is really looking forward to getting back into the studio.

Michelle, Castlebar, Parent of Ava (13)

Sharon, Ballina, Parent of Lilymay (6)


Our experience in Danceworld has been such a positive one! From the day Rebecca joined she has looked forward to and enjoyed every minute and was so sad when it finished due to the pandemic. Cinderella and JJ are names I constantly hear!!


She misses meeting up with everybody and learning new dances, it was something to look forward to on a Tuesday. I was so happy at Christmas to get to see them perform their festive routine, all the happy little faces eager to show us what they had learned! It really made my day 💖


Thank you Aine, Jade and everyone for your kindness and for organizing Zoom classes also and here's hoping dancing will return in the very near future when HSE advice allows.

Bernie, Ballina, Guardian of Rebecca (8)

Ava and Chloe love their time in Danceworld, they are always so happy going to class and coming home with all the new moves. Danceworld has given them an opportunity to learn dance routines and perform in their shows, but it has given them confidence and self belief in the things that they can do and achieve.

They have missed their classes and shows during this time but they have enjoyed the Zoom class. The effort that the girls have gone to which allowed the students to meet up, chat and have some fun has been fantastic.

Ava and Chloe are eagerly waiting for the day they can return to class.


Sharon, Castlebar, Parent of Ava & Chloe (9)


Danceworld have always been a force for positivity, but especially during lockdown, when their weekly Zooms have brought a burst of energy and lots of smiles and laughter into our house. 


Thanks so much Áine and Jade.

Irene, Westport, Parent of Iris (6)

Aine and Jade have continued to work hard during all the restrictions giving the kids something to look forward to every week.


Danceworld is a great way to make new friends & build confidence - I highly recommend it!!!!


My girls joined Danceworld in September 2020. They love dancing and skip in the door to you every Friday. You are so professional and run a great ship!! Since Lockdown I have been blown away by your weekly involvement with the girls - organising Zooms, pyjama parties, talent shows and even the music show with Michael Maloney!! The girls love dancing and can't wait to get back to class. Thanks again, best wishes for getting back to it all soon.

Ruth, Westport, Parent of Aimee (8) & Emma (6)

Sabrina, Westport,

Parent of Melody (11)

I have known Aine for many years. She was the dance teacher in a Summer Camp many years ago. She was fantastic with the kids at the camp and I knew then “she had it”. Over the years all the girls that worked at camp came through the Danceworld academy – learning so well from Aine.

Both my daughters were involved in Danceworld – Romy did summer camps which she loved. Kara my youngest has been with Danceworld for over a year now. She loves the classes, she is so excited going into class. Aine and all her staff over the years and especially now Jade, have the most caring way with children. Danceworld is part of Kara’s life now and she has become so much more confident in herself because of the classes. 

Kara is so looking forward to getting back to face to face classes. But during these trying times Aine and Jade have been exceptional – the way they have reached out to their dance stars has been great. Their caring side coming out again. 

I would highly recommend  Danceworld to any parent and I am so impressed with all you have achieved with your business and congratulate you on this also. Well done Aine and Jade for all your hard work and best of luck in the years to come.

Trisha, Ballina, Parent of Kara (10)


My daughter Alannah has attended Danceworld in Castlebar for the last 2 years. She really enjoys the energy in the class and meeting up with girls her age, learning routines and having fun. We went to watch some friends at the end of year performance a few years ago and I was struck with how happy all the performers were on stage and that we were all dancing in our seats too!  It was obvious that it would be a lovely group to join so I registered her for the following year!

Aine, JJ, and Coco are lovely teachers and emphasize self-confidence and self-worth.  They have also been so accommodating to Alannah and her friends when they joined us for a dance birthday party (pre-lockdown 2020!) and also hosted group Zoom dance sessions during the first lockdown to help keep Alannah and her gymnastics friends' energy and spirits lifted. 

Erica, Castlebar, Parent of Alannah (10)

My two daughters go to Danceworld classes and always come away with a smile on their face. The classes are fun and energetic, teaching a variety of dance styles leading to an end of year show which is really professional and enjoyable.


Since Covid restrictions Aine and JJ have continued to engage with the kids on Zoom. They have been so creative and innovative coming up with new ideas each week to entertain the kids. I particularly like the affirmations at the end of the class.


Danceworld - teaching our kids great dance routines and also teaching our kids to be kind to themselves and to others. Thank you Danceworld team.

Sandra, Castlebar, Parent of Lily (10) & Ella (5)

I have two girls going to Danceworld in Claremorris. They both love dance, it keeps them active and they have made many friends over the years. The ethos of Danceworld is inclusion and fun. The girls love performing in the shows every year.


Danceworld’s message is very much one of building self esteem, showing the children that everyone is unique, special and important. Congratulations on 20 years in business, and hope you enjoy 20 more successful ones.

Patricia, Claremorris, Parent of Rachel (11) & Sophie (6)

Freya and Nina have been going to Danceworld for a couple of years now and love it.

The teachers are excellent and help them build skills and confidence while encouraging their creativity. It helps them stay fit too, because even outside of the classes they are always dancing or practicing routines.

It’s also great for meeting new people and working together with them to put on performances and showcases. They love it when they get to be on stage with their friends.

Alan, Ballinrobe, Parent of Freya (13) & Nina (11)


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Parent Testimonial

Parent Testimonial
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