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Student Testimonials


I have been in Danceworld for over 7 years.

My most memorable experience of Danceworld would have to be all the shows that were put on over the years.These are always super fun to do! My Danceworld teachers have helped me learn new forms of dance and to become more confident in myself.

During my time in Danceworld, I have learned many things other than dance. I've learned Irish sign language which has been beneficial in many ways.

I return to Danceworld each year because I look forward to the classes every week and I get to meet my friends and get exercise while having fun.

Isabel Cawley, Castlebar Student (Age 15)

I could never choose one best memory from my time at Danceworld - but all of the Christmas shows, auditioning for the Late Late Toy Show and taking part in Fáinne Óir are definitely some of the best. Danceworld has taught me so much as well as dance.


The Danceworld teachers throughout the years have taught me teamwork, given me so much confidence, how to work backstage for shows and with younger children and even sign language! Áine and Jade have even helped us see what their job is like and given us a chance to see if it is something we would like to do when we’re older.

I go back to Danceworld each year because I honestly can’t imagine what I would do without it, it’s great exercise and helps us keep fit and healthy in the most non-judgemental space possible.

Kayleigh Hastings, Ballina Student (Aged 16)

I cannot choose one favourite memory of Danceworld, however I think my favourite memories are before and during the shows. I really like how everyone helps each other to get ready and set things out. Other than dance, I have learned how to help others, like when someone forgets a move, doesn’t know the dance or is getting ready during shows.


I return to Danceworld each year because it’s really enjoyable, I get to see my friends and have fun!

Erin Durcan Gilboy, Castlebar Student (Aged 15)

I have been in Danceworld in Claremorris for a few years now. My favourite thing about Danceworld is how nice the teachers are. They make the classes so much fun. The dances are great and Aine, JJ and Coco are so lovely and are such great teachers. They break the dances down into easy steps so that they are easier to learn. I also love when we get to do shows.

My Danceworld class makes me feel happy and confident. I always look forward to going to class.

Laura McCarthy, Claremorris Student (Age 11)