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“The classes are really enjoyable and upbeat. Everything is really casual and not too strict. Every week is different and exciting. The highlight of my week!”

“The atmosphere is great. Everyone’s really nice and the dances are fun.”

“In Danceworld I feel very cosy. Everyone is friendly, caring and supportive and always has a huge heart. I love pushing myself to learn a dance. I never get it right until the final day but I keep pushing.”

“I love the girls and teachers. I have made some of my best friends through Danceworld and it’s like a little family!”

“Danceworld classes are brilliant, I get to have fun with my friends while getting all my energy out dancing, I especially love when we’re doing a really dramatic dance - the energy is great!”

“I love being around other people with an interest for dance like me and being able to gain more confidence in myself by dancing.”

“You let everything go when you walk inside the doors and you don’t get judged. The classes are always so fun and they boost my confidence.”

“The best thing about Danceworld is learning new dances and spending time with my friends, I love how we are so close to each other, it really is a family!”

“I love that we are always doing something new, and I get to have fun with my friends that I wouldn’t see much otherwise.”

“It is a great way of exercise, self-expression and I love meeting new friends.”

“Being in Danceworld classes feels like I'm in a bubble and I don't need to worry about what's irrelevant in the moment...until I have to do my homework!”

“No matter what form I am in before class, I always come out feeling great!”

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